DAHDI card module


I’m planning of making my home made (Philippines) FreePBX machine but I’m not sure what type of card should I purchase since I’m not sure what type of interface to buy. We’re still using the old phone interface (POTS?) and has a single number.

Which card should I purchase for this to work?

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You could get a Sangoma A200 with a single FXO module. You may also consider porting that number in to a SIP provider to take advantage of having a PBX (manage multiple channels). 1 line in to a PBX doesn’t make much sense.

Is Sangoma A200 compatible with the DAHDI included on the latest FreePBX build?

This would be for a household use so 1 line is enough for now, what’s important are the IP Extensions I can provide from inside the house and I can queue the call on multiple extensions.