Dahdi Caller ID

I am using I am using Sangoma FXS ports. I have also tested it on a couple PBX in a Flash systems running various versions of Asterisk and Dahdi with the same results. When I call from one of the FXS ports to another internal SIP extension the Caller ID shows unknown. I believe this is a known issue, but I thought it was supposed to be fixed in one of the recent versions of asterisk or dahdi, but it doesn’t look like it. Has anyone gotten this fixed? If so, how? I really need it to work for call routing purposes.

Ok, so it’s not a bug any longer, but you have to enter it manually in chan_dahdi.conf or another dahdi file if included. A user on the PIAF forum pointed that out.

callerid=“Analog 1” <2021> was my test entry in a given dahdi channel and that worked. It would be nice if FreePBX entered that based on the user connected.

So, FreePBX is actually creating a file chan_dahdi_additional.conf that has all the info needed, but it’s not being included, so a better solution is to add:

#include chan_dahdi_additional.conf

to chan_dahdi.conf

hi, i follow the solution (i think) so I added the #include chan_dahdi_additional.conf to the “chan_dahdi.conf”. however i still get unknown on the sip phone. is there anything else i can try? any help will be greatly appreciated.

Did you do a module reload chan_dahdi at the asterisk cli afterward? Or amportal restart.


i had actually restarted the entire server. i have now also just done a quick amportal restart. still no joy.

we are using a sangoma a200 with 6 fxo and 10 fxs ports.



i incorrectly added the #include chan_dahdi_additional.conf at the beginning of the file. it needs to go to the end.