D80 phones still not displaying lines beyond account 1 yet?

FreePBX Distro 16
Digium D80 phone EPM with DPMA

Are the D80’s fully supported by EPM now? I’ve got two extensions assigned to the phone but only account1 shows on the display.

or do I have this configured wrong somehow in EPM

Multiple lines on the D80 are shown when you pull out the Favorites ‘drawer’. Slide from the rightmost edge of the display toward the centre and you will get a vertical list of favorites on the right edge, at the top are the individual SIP account registrations. You can also access by pressing the line label at the top right, to the left of the presence button.

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didn’t even know that was there! awesome.

Call log gives me an error though:

org.json.JSONException: No value for result

But, missed calls are shown on the home screen for both lines.

And parking doesn’t work. I can park a call but selecting parking from the upper left menu brings up the parking lot screen and just stays on Retrieving parked calls list… until it times out.

Any magical quick fixes for that?

I’ve not tested any apps with multiple registrations. If you’re not getting expected results best to file a support ticket.

yeah… and back to that issue again. Have had this phone since before the sangoma digium merge so it’s not in the sangoma database as a claimed device. Tried to claim it through the portal but the mac was an unrecognized SN.

I did open up a ticket with CS on a hail mary attempt. haven’t heard back yet.

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