D80 Outgoing Calls from Call Log Fail

Alright, so I have a D80 which is setup via EPM, latest EPM, all updates installed, DPMA 3.6.3, D80 has the latest firmware.

I worked with Support extensively last month to get this D80 provisioned via EPM…end result, phone had to have latest firmware to provision via EPM. Ever since then it’s been working…Presence doesn’t work which support confirmed they were aware of…Visual VM doesn’t work…but that’s that with the D80 and EPM

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.17.0

I noticed this weird issue Im having on the D80 that I didnt have with any other phones like (S705, YeaLink T46)

When I dial a number on my D80 to call out, the call goes out and works just fine and the number appears exactly how I typed it…

Then, as soon as the person answers (tested by calling my cell), immediately a +1 is added to the front of the number I dialed on my screen. Then, when I want to call someone back that I know I called earlier, instead of re-dialing the number, I go to the call log and click on the number and I get a cant be completed as dialed (because of the +1 I assume)… If I re-dial the number it goes right through.

So the question is, who/where is this +1 adding to the number? FreePBX, the D80? And how do I stop it?

Here are some screenshots:

Here I dial the phone number Im calling

Here I hit call and its now ringing on my cell but I havent picked up the call yet. You can see its still area code + 7 digits number (Im in USA) exactly like I dialed it.

Here I have answered the incoming call on my cell and you can see, as soon as I answered the call the screen shows a +1 added in front of the number I dialed.

And here you can see in my Call Log on the D80, ALL outgoing calls I dialed on the D80 a +1 was added in front of the # I dialed… So, if I click on any of those in my call log to call that person again, I get a “Call Cannot be completed as dialed message.”


Incoming calls, and missed calls, no +1 so I can click on those in the Calls Log and it calls them just fine. Also, any calls that I dialed on my Zulu PC client that is set to use my desk phone for outgoing calls (the same D80 in question) those call out no problem and no +1 gets added in front of the number I dial in Zulu…

Any suggestions on how to fix this or where its coming from? I do not have this issue with my S705 or T46G…

A simple fix is to add a pattern to your Outbound Route that accepts numbers beginning with +. This may have other benefits such as dialing from a contact list imported from mobile, click to call, etc.

I know nothing about this phone, but it is common for IP phones to update called and/or calling numbers in various circumstances. For example, if someone attended transfers a call to you, you will see their number, but when the transfer is completed your display could update to show the original caller.

FreePBX settings for both the extension and trunk that can affect this functionality are Trust RPID, Send Connected Line and Send RPID (but don’t mess with Send RPID for the trunk, since that can affect the caller ID sent out). There are likely also settings in the phone that affect when the display is updated. Some of these settings may affect displayed caller ID on incoming calls, so test thoroughly.

A SIP trace will show why/how this is happening.

Any dial rules (e.g. add +1) in your freePBX outgoing settings?

EDIT: The visual voicemail works fine on my D80, but I use the Digium phones config module and advanced DPMA configuration.

So funny enough, this video covers this exact scenario. He actually says in the video he has seen phones add the + and if you try to redial a call from the call log it wont go through unless you setup a dial patter in outbound routes as follows. While he does say in the video Sangoma phones dont do this…I would say hes probably referring to S series phones not D series…

Either way, I added the following dial plan and now I can click any previously dialed number in the D80’s Calls Log and it now dials out perfectly.

And heres a link to the video that covers this exact scenario and how to fix it…

I know from our previous discussions you have your D80 working with all the features but youre still using Digium Phones Config and Advanced DPMA Config…

I just wish Sangoma would get the D80 fully functional with Presence, Visual VM, Phone Apps, BLF, etc. None of that works right now with EPM…

The phone does one touch config with EPM which is a huge step from a year ago… It does make and receive calls. Line Key Programming works for speed dial#…

THe D80 is an awesome phone, I just wish it was fully functional with EPM as its a much nicer phone than the S705. I switched from the S705 to the D80 because clients were complaining of call quality when on conference or 3 way calls with my S705 and BT Plantronics… Switched to the D80, and the same Plantronics Voyager BT headset paired with the D80 works great all day every day with no complaints from clients on the other end…

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