D80 New Firmware Released

Havent seen this discussed but Ive been hot on using the D80 with EPM. Many of you know a lot of features didnt work with EPM and the D80 but with the recent updates a few months back the D80 does auto provision and work with EPM. I know some of you have everything working with the Digium Phone Config and XML mods.

I just noticed 2 new firmware versions available 1.30, 1.31 and 1.32 in EPM Firmware Management… 1.30/1.31 doesnt show a new D80 firmware version vs 1.29 (D80 still shows 1_12_10 in both 1.29 and 1.30).

But I noticed 1.32 shows a new D80 firmware version 1_12_11… I just added its to Firmware Slot 1 and pushed my D80 to check config and reboot. It updated the firmware and the first thing I noticed is BLF is working finally and my 3 lines are working and showing status… Not sure what else changed but these are what I noticed right off the bat that havent worked before with the D80 and EPM… I also notice DND is working. When changing status in Zulu on my PC (which is set to use my Deskphone to make calls (D80) I now see the status changing on my D80 phone when I select DND on Zulu… Things are looking better for the D80 and EPM finally.

I do still have a yellow triangle in the top right corner but the status is working. Now if only we could get the VM app on the D80 to work instead of it dialing for VM…

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Thanks for the update! I am one of those who uses the xml-file advanced DPMA approach. My presence status works on the D80 without the triangle. So I will wait until this is fixed and will finally switch to the EPM :slight_smile:

You were the one I had in mind about using Digium Phone Config and XML as we worked through the D80 together a year or so ago with no luck using EPM.:grin:

I use the D80 as my main desk phone and love it, but still not ready to sell/push it to clients (I want to so bad its a great phone).

If they can get the following 3 things fixed Id be selling the D80 to every one of my clients.

  1. Get Presence 100% working with that damn yellow triangle in the top right corner gone.

  2. Get Visual VM working where I can click on a VM and play it right on the phone like its supposed to. Currently, when a VM is left the notification does pop up on the home screen but when you click on it, it dials *97…

  3. Get contacts working. Currently when you click on Menu>Contacts it says Fetching from 192.***.***.*** just like it does when the phone boots up then it says no contacts.

If we can get these last 3 things fixed and working properly this is THE Sangoma phone for sure. We’ve come a long way with the D80 and EPM in the last year, just need to get these last 3 things working!

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I fully agree :grinning:
In the meantime, I take a risk, and install a new freePBX 15 (Asterisk 16) system with eight D65s and one D80 at my brother’s company. The Ds are great phones…and the D80 is the superstar! :grinning:
The only downside is that I am the only guy (in Austria), who knows how to configure them (xml-files, contact-manager-conversion script, etc)…so I have to stay healthy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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