D80 Caller ID

A client is putting several D80 phones into operation on PBXact. The callerID being displayed for internal calls isn’t matching what is expected.

The information displayed seems to be “old”, even though the display name for the extension has been updated on the extension (as well as user manager). Examining the SIP trace, the correct callerID name is being provided in the SIP invite as well, but incorrect information is displayed.

Phone has been restarted (although not factory reset).

Does the D80 (or others) query for callerID info from another source on the system?

contact manager?

We’ve verified Contact Manager shows the correct users as well.

Not sure about the D80s but is there a local directory that the phones might be referencing?

Is endpoint manager a PBXact module? Did you use it to set up the phone? In freePBX you have to press the reconfigure button in EPM for that phone to update e.g. the contact list.
I still use freePBX 15 with the Digium phone config module, instead of EPM. There you also have to click on the reconfigure button.

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