D65 with EXP150 - Smart BLF Questions

I have a smartblf.xml file that the D65 is grabbing from a webserver. It’s working great, minus two issues that I can not figure out for the life of me!!

1. How do I get a contact to show up on page two of the sidecar?
I know that if I have something like:

<blf_item location="expansion" index="1" node="0"  contact_id="100" />
<blf_item location="expansion" index="1" node="0"  contact_id="101" />

Then 100 would be in slot 1 on the first page and 101 would be in slot one of the second page, BUT, there is this horrible red dot next to each of them (assuming it’s telling you there is already something there. So look at the other pages). I would be fine with this if I could turn the red dot off, OR if I could specify what page to display the contact on. Surely there is a way to specify the page?

2. How do I set a XML-API as a BLF/Rapid Dial Key?
For example, the docs say you can set a DPMA App as a BLF item such as Parking or Contacts.

<blf_item location="main" index="2" node="0"  app_id="parking" />

This works great…but if I turn off DPMA Apps in favor of REST Apps, how can you get a rest app to show up? Replacing “parking” with “REST_Parking” does not load anything.

For 1…
Load a blank, e.g.

<blf_item location="expansion" index="1" node="0" blank=“1”/>

into the index before you load a contact_id into the index.

w.r.t. those red dots, they’re supposed to be off by default, but it’s been a hot minute (years), so maybe it’s some combination of firmware on the main phone and the expansion module that’s got you down.
First, the disabling is handled by an implicit page_indicators=“0” in the expansion_enable setting. e.g.:

<setting id="expansion_enable" value="0" type="EXP100" page_indicators="0" />

If you want, you can make it explicit by adding page_indicators to that line in your config.
page_indicators became an option in 2_9_1, so be on something newer than that - 2_9_26 is the latest.
For the expansion module, the latest is, and that gets loaded in a firmware line like:

<firmware model="EXP100" version="" url="" />

Yes, there it’s declared as EXP100 not EXP150.
I presume EPM handles it, but I dunno. Firmware is also available from:

For 2…w.r.t. app foregrounding, is that the name of the app as loaded onto the phone? (the phone’s config should say…)

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Thank you so much for taking time to answer all of that.
I’ll happily mess with the page indicators later. I discovered I really didn’t need a page two anyways. All contacts would fit on one page… we’re just used to having them separated.

For the apps. The docs says that you can do app_id=appname such as parking. However this seems to only apply to DPMA apps from what I can tell.
I have a custom XML sheet I am using for contacts and BLF so if I make EMP changes to BLF it doesn’t actually apply since it’s not pulling BLF from the PBX. But here is an EMP screen shot of the app I would like to assign to a rapid dial/BLF key.

Follow up question…you say “the phone config should say”… Is there a way you can pull the XML config from the phone?
I’ve tried but I get a 404. So assuming I’m trying to access it incorrectly OR there is no way to do that?

EPM should have the config that it’s going to pass to the phone sitting somewhere under /tftpboot IIRC.

I am on PBXact Cloud (UCC) so they don’t give me SSH access (although I sure would love if they did) so I may have to send in a ticket for someone to pull it down and attach it into a ticket, unless you know of a different way to access it?

Does your xml-file anything special? Why don’t you use the EPM to configure your D65? It’s free…

Great and valid question. Yes it is actually doing smart BLF features. For example, when our perceptionist it’s a BLF button and she is on a call it will automatically park to their specific parking lot - - using parking lot pro so everyone has their own lot.

I am using the endpoint manager for the remaining configuration. For example the horizontal keys on the phone are defined in the endpoint manager. In fact I guess really everything is defined in the endpoint manager because in order to even give it a custom contacts XML file, you have to do a base file edit using the endpoint manager.

I see…
I use several D65s with freePBX 15 servers and the Digium phone config module. I also created my own XML config files.
To understand all the variables you might let EPM create the configs and download them from the server. So yes, you need access to the tftp folder on the freePBX server.