D65 with EXP150 Sidecar

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I picked up an EXP150 sidecar for a D65, and it says:
Note: Pls ensure the phone pc port is set to “Connect to Expansion Module”. This setting can be found in the phone menu under “Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Network>>PC Port” or in the

That’s all I can make out because the rest is off the bottom of the screen.

Digging through the phone menu, I can go to Menu->Admin Settings->Ethernet Port Modes…but the only “modes” for the ethernet port are for link speeds (10 half-dupe, 10 full-dupe, 100, etc…).

There appears to be support in the commercial EPM for the sidecar module as there are configuration options for it…

Of course the box came with a two-page manual about the size of a pack of cards where one page is nothing but diagrams of the pieces in the box without telling you anything about connecting them, setting them up, etc…

Any pointers on what I might be missing?

I should add that the documentation tells you to go to this site for setup:


That site refers you to this site to set it up with FreePBX: Smart BLF - Digium's Asterisk products - Asterisk Project Wiki

You’ll notice that last document displays a login box. None of the multitute of accounts I seem to have to have for various Digium/Sangoma services work. No documentation for you.

I struggled with the same problem for quite some time. I finally figured out to put the following in the .cfg file for the phone.

    <setting id="expansion_enable" value="1" type="EXP150" page_indicators="0">

… [the rest of your config]

You’ll also need to manually create a .xml file so you can detail how you want the buttons to behave (mine is under /var/www/html/digium_phones and is named [extension]-blf.xml).

            <blf_item location="expansion" index="0" node="" paging="1" contact_id="275">
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="on_the_phone" press_action="call_vm" press_function="dial" />
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" press_action="regular_dial" press_function="dial" />
                    <indicator target_status="idle" led_color="green" led_state="on" />
                    <indicator target_status="ringing" led_color="red" led_state="fast" line_label_bgcolor="#57c6cf" />
                    <indicator target_status="on_the_phone" led_color="red" led_state="on" />

… [the rest of the config]

Hope this helps.

It looks like there’s already a setting for that somewhere in EPM.
I see a line-item:

<setting id="expansion_enable" value="__expansion_enable__" type="EXP100" page_indicators="0" />

I’ve looked everywhere through EPM and don’t see anything related to enabling an “expansion” anything…

Found it.
Go to EPM → Extension Mapping → click the ‘edit’ action next to your extension
There are settings to enable the expansion modules there.

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