D60/65 Phones initail call fails after phone idle

Astersik 17.9.3

Sagnoma D60/D65 Phones (Firmware 2_9_25 & 2_9_23_4)

If a phone has been idle for a while ~10-15 minutes. The first call you make comes up as failed on the screen. A call still goes through to the recipient but its just dead dial tone. All calls initiated after this point work as intended until the phone is left idle again. From what I can see in the logs the phone initiates a call, claims it gets a 503 response and drops the call. SIP and server logs don’t show the 503 so they continue processing. You can see in SIP Logs server sends a bunch of 200 responses but never receives an ack. From the phone side it see’s all the 200’s but drops them because there is no active call to ack.

I have logs showing the a call showing this issue but not sure best way to share them.

Any idea on why any of this is happening? It only seems to affect my Sagnoma D60/D65 phones. I have some D80’s and a Yealink that do not have the same behavior.

2_9_26 (available, but not yet available in EPM) will likely resolve this.

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