D series phone custom logo sizes

After using the digium phone module for years I’m finally making the switch to using EPM with DPMA. works fine for the most part but I can’t seem to get custom logos to work. The information I have, which may be out of date produces logos that don’t fit the screens of the D60,62 and 65 properly.

I’ve produced a .png file that is 205x85 pixels and less than 10k as per the documentation I’ve found however when sent to the phone via EPM with DPMA it is too large on the screen and hangs off the left side and ends up under the line key labels on the right.

Are there updated image specifications?

I know nothing about these phones, but you could take a screenshot
to determine the desired size and position of your content.

sounds like something to look at however the phone’s direct http UI is disabled and I can’t find where to change that setting in EPM…

web_ui_enabled ?

theoretically yes… however there’s no field in the EPM DPMA (that I’ve found) to affect that setting and when I try and edit the basefile it won’t take the change.

The sample file included with the normal DPMA download has this:

; Idle Screen images should be in PNG format, 8-bit depth, a color type without
; alpha transparency, less than 10k in size, and should fit within the
; following dimensions:
;   D40: 150x45 pixels
;   D45: 150x45 pixels
;   D50: 150x45 pixels
;   D60: 296x128 pixels
;   D62: 296x128 pixels
;   D65: 296x128 pixels
;   D70: 205x85 pixels
;   D80: 800x1280 pixels

thanks! I’ll try one with those sizes

Re-created the logo at 296x128 and still not right. it’s still off the screen to the left and under the date/time at the bottom and extension BLF list on the right.

Tried with a different logo/image?

yep, each one I try is a brand new image I create

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