D series phone background image problems

FreePBX 15
Asterisk 17
Sangoma D65/62 phones

So I’m tackling this again… According to the information I’ve found for D65/62 phones the custom background image should meet these specifications:

“Logos for D60, D62, and D65 phones should be in PNG format, not transparent, less than 10k in file size and no more than 205x85 pixels.”

I’ve created a test image of these specs and uploaded it to EPM. The image is transferred to the phone however it does not fit in the available space and is cut off on the left and right edge by about 30px.

Anyone have any insight on how to make custom background images work with D series phones?

Use 175x55 px perhaps?

Open a support ticket please. If I recall, EPM regenerates the photo to the desired size from the uploaded version, so it may not be doing a good job of that.

Dicko, tried all that before in previous adventures, it just resizes off the screen no-matter what I do.

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Lorne, sent you an email about the support ticket.

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