D-Series firmware not written out to disk

I’m having some issues with the firmware management on endpoint manager for D-series digium phones.

I am pretty sure I have the configuration correct in endpoint manager (versions in slots and assigned in templates) but when the phones go to download the firmware the firmware is not there. When I copy it by hand into /tfptboot/digium/ then the download works.

I think this system used to operate on the standalone DPMA in case that is relevant.

How do I force EPM to write these files where they should go? I checked permissions and the directories are all owned by the asterisk user.

Maybe I jumped the gun. I went back to the firmware page and now it says it’s downloading the firmware. It seems to be writing it to the disk.

Sorry for the noise.

There can be a lag when downloading firmware to new slots in EPM. Usually it’s a case that you just wait a few min longer than you might expect and they will show up.

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