Cyberdata Zone Selection based on dialed extension --- with one sip connection

So I’ve moved to the cloud PBxact solution because my onsite hardware was way EOL and we are expending to multiple sites so it made more sense.

Paging is a problem. I have a cyber data paging server, it has an extension on my PBxact server and it connects. My users are dumb, like everyones, and I really just need them to be able to dial one extension that handles the zone selection for them. Anyone have a slick solution to forward one extension to another that includes DTMF tones after a pause for zone selection?

you could create an inbound route that points to a dynamic route and execute the routing from there.

Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

Dynamic routes can leverage user inputs, AGI, SQL queries and more to determine how to route a call.

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