Cyberdata VoIP V3 Outdoor Intercom - Speaker doesn't work when calling ring group

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I’m fairly new to Freepbx so please forgive me if I don’t initially include enough info. I’ll be happy to provide any logs needed to help diagnose the issue.

My issue is that my Cyberdata intercom works perfectly if I have it dial a direct extension but when I have it dials a ring group instead the intercom speaker will not work. The extension that picks up can hear the intercom but can’t speak back. I tested with a page group as well and two way audio worked correctly but in my use case a page group won’t work.

I should note that the intercom and the extensions are connected to the freepbx server over a site-to-site vpn. Calls and all other options are working fine. Thanks in advance.

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