Cyberdata paging with hosted pbx

Latest version of FreePBX which is hosted and working with 10-phones. Connected cyberdata paging unit 011233, setup extension, connected to amp and it is registered. Can test audio via the cyberdata interface and pa works. Dial the paging extension and get the paging tone on the phone but no audio out. Kinda like one way audio.
Tested intercom on phones *80+ extension and they work. Tried *80 + paging extension and get the same paging tone as I should but no audio out. Used wireshark to trace and it seems rtp is being blocked on the pbx side for some reason. I need some help.

First of all, are the PBX and the paging device on the same network? is there a firewall in between?

Are you paging one way or two way?

Iv’e seen a similar issue with Algo devices when you use one way paging, that the device does not return any RTP packets which resulted the PBX to terminate the call after 30 seconds due to the lack or RTP activity.

We worked with Algo support, and thankfully, their developers added an option in the latest firmware which allows you to set “Always send RTP” and we didn’t get any complains since.

Paging and phones are on the same local network which is behind a firewall to the internet. One way paging. Have been working with cyberdata tech support saying the device is working correctly. Wondering if there is a firewall issue in Freepbx setup?

Are you using FrrePBX firewall. If so disable it and see if the problem still happens to rule that out.

It did not make any difference. also open ports on router still No page.

Seems like a device issue if it works on the same network that has IP phones on it.

Question about sip settings on a hosted solution, should the detect network settings show the external public ip address of the host and the local ip should have the local
network of the endpoints?

Thank you, I have got this thing working; went through all settings on device and pbx and it works now.

And what was the fix? might help someone coming here in the future.

Spent 3-weeks on this issue, week 1- config paging device, it failed, worked with tech support of device and distributor tech support, firmware was current, use wire shark to trace problem still no answers nor solution. Posted the problem in various forums.
Week 2- took vacation out west, played cowboy.
This week, week 3- re-examine everything, the pbx, the device. Default device to factory reset and reconfig settings also reread the fine print in the device documentation. On asterisk based systems, the extension qualify value should equal NO or 0.
The register expiration should be set to less than 6-minutes. I used 5-minutes as suggested.
After the new config was in place, paging worked. In fact, tested the same device on 3-different implementations of Freepbx and they all worked fine even using a remote phone to page the local office.
I think the much needed vacation was the key, clear my mind and rethink.
Thanks to every one that responded.

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In my experience, this solution is often required for success.

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