Customize the Default value of "Max_contacts" for PJSIP

the PJSIP max_contacts value is extremely useful, as it allows multiple endpoints to register to the same extension, and allows for “Sustainable” VPN use to connect to the phone system – as the endpoint IP may change if the VPN connection is closed/reconnected.

However, it is frustrating to have to manually change the MAX_CONTACTS from 1 to another value on each new PJSIP extension we create.

Is there a way to change the “Default” value of Max_contacts on a PJSIP extension from 1 to something more… usable? CLI… .conf… web UI… anything.

Thanks in advance!

If the default value isn’t specified in the Advanced Settings, submit a Feature Request to have it exposed in the Advanced Settings UI.

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thanks! feature request submitted via email now.

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