Customising service level parameter in a queue

Using FreePBX I have found that there is no way to set up a custom parameter for queue in GUI. I am talking about the “service level”.
Why, there are only 15, 30, 45 and so on sec? How can I set up 20 or 27 sec?
From my point of view, this is the highly important issue but I can resolve it only creating the queue_custom.conf.
However, this way is not convenient as our supervisors do not have access to freepbx server by the shell.

So my question is: is it possible to add such a feature to change this setting via GUI and with using seconds (5,6,7,8,20,33,27)?
It would be great if you implement it to the distro or better with the upcoming update.

Thank you

Submit a Feature Request and explain how you want it to work and why you think it improves the system. If the justification is strong, I’m sure the Devs will look at it. The easier to implement, the better.

Also, you could look at the source for the Queue Management module and see what it will take to make it work the way you want it. If you provide code with your Feature Request (from what we’ve been told in the past) the chances of your change getting made go up.