Customers in Queue but no phones ringing

Current Asterisk Version: 16.15.1
Hoping to get some troubleshooting tips. We have the FOP2 and can see these callers waiting in the queue, but nothings ringing and we can’t retrieve the calls.
Would like some help troubleshooting this. Could you take a look at my queue settings and advise?

Thank you!

Here are my queue settings:
Queue No Answer No
Call Confirm No
Call Confirm Announce Default
CID Name Prefix (Blank)
Wait Time Prefix Yes No
Alert Info None
Ringer Volume Override None
Ringer Volume Override Mode Force Don’t Care
Restrict Dynamic Agents No
Agent Restrictions Call as Dialed
Ring Strategy ringall
Autofill No
Skip Busy Agents No
Queue Weight 0
Music on Hold Class Beep MoH Only
Join Announcement 2021QueueSilent Always
Call Recording Don’t Care
Mark calls answered elsewhere Yes
Fail Over Destination Voicemail

Max Wait Time Unlimited
Max Wait Time Mode Loose
Agent Timeout 15 seconds
Agent Timeout Restart No
Retry 5 seconds
Wrap-Up-Time 0 seconds
Member Delay 0 seconds
Agent Announcement 2011CustServQ
Report Hold Time Yes
Auto Pause No
Auto Pause on Busy No
Auto Pause on Unavailable No

Max Callers 0
Join Empty Yes
Leave Empty No
Penalty Members Limit Honor Penalties

Frequency 1 minute
Minimum Announcement Interval 15 seconds
Announce Position Yes
Announce Hold Time No
Periodic Announcements
IVR Break Out Menu BreakoutQueue
Repeat Frequency 1 minute

Service Level 1 Minute
Stats Reset No

How long does this play for?

logs? got any logs?, we need logs.

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