Customer Managed Time of Day Routing

We have a few customers who have different call handling depending on the time of the day and day of the week. This is reasonably static, but occasionally changes due to special events and holidays.

For example,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7AM-7PM, Call goes to Employee A’s cell phone
Thursday, Friday 7AM-7PM, Call goes to Employee B’s cell phone
Saturday Sunday 7AM-3PM, call rings to office
All other times, call rings to after hours call center.

Due to the nature of Time Conditions, this has several layers of “Matches/Unmatches” and is challenging to manage, so we manage it for the clients. Unfortunately, this places a large support burden on us.

Is there a good tool that is client facing and allows us to delegate this type of access to them without using Time Conditions / Time Groups?

the short answer to your question is no, not without giving them some sort of admin access to the pbx.

what you describe is not overly complex. you have in your scenario, 3 time conditions and 3 time groups. i clearly have no idea of how often changes get made but here are a couple of tricks we use.

we generally always create a holiday time condition and a special time condition. the holiday is easier because the customer can usually give you their holiday schedule. special as the name implies is usually an one time event (company meeting, etc). often times we are able to get the customer to give us what they want for system behavior during these times.

for on/off type things we use the flow control.

Thanks, Bob.

The most complex of these clients actually has 6 layers right now, but using the holiday / special will allow us to flatten it a bit. Thanks for the solid suggestion.

If we were willing to grant admin access, is there a better option available?

I’ve thought about coding up a calendar-like module that writes the proper time groups and conditions automatically, but the clients in question generate a relatively small percentage of our revenue and might not be worth the development effort.

i don’t know of a better option than admin access.