Custom VM greeting length

Hello, we have a prospect wants to deliver a six minute voicemail greeting without the callers being able to leave a message.

Is there way I can deliver this without changing the voicemail Max Greeting Length (Seconds)

Thank you

What you’re describing is an Announcement. Announcements Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation

Thank you. I was just sitting here and it hit me to do that… It must have been your reply that triggered the thought :slight_smile:

Again, thank you

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Err. I just remembered they want to be able to remotely change the announcement.

Is there a way they can call a DID and do this?

You may call in and change the system recording associated with the announcement. On the Sys Rec turn on Link to Feature Code option.

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That sounds like it will work for them. I’ll try this out. Thank you

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