CUSTOM Trunk dial string to dial Ring Group or Local Extension

Hello Friends,
Hope you are doing well. I am facing a problem and I hope that my expert friends can help me to recover it. I’ve setup a ring group and I want to setup CUSTOM Trunk’s destination to ring group. But I don’t know what Custom Dial String will be. For example, to dial an IAX2 trunk, I use “IAX2/MyIAX/$OUTNUM$” in the custom dial string of custom trunk.
Anybody can tell me what will be the custom dial string to dial a ring group extension (ring group 600).
Please help.
thank you.

Easy. All local dialplan is accessible with a dial string fromat of:


You want a dial string of:

local/[email protected]

Hello lgaetz,
thanks for your reply. in freepbx, custom trunk requires the token “$OUTNUM$.” I’ve tried your suggestions, but it’s not working. Please tell me the freepbx way to achieve this. I’m not expert and only can work from GUI. I have created a ring group in freepbx which is an virtual extension and searched for its context, but i could not find any context under 600. Due to lack of my knowledge, I cannot solve it. I also tried “local/600/$OUTNUM$” but it did not work

Your kind help is highly appreciable

If you want to direct ALL calls thru the custom trunk to the ring group, you don’t need the $OUTNUM$ variable. I gave you the exact dial string to use:

local/[email protected]

Hello igaetz,
Thanks for your kind reply. Let test again and inform you the result.

Hello lgaetz,
Yes, it’s working. Thank you very much.

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I know this is old but im hoping to find answer here, In a similar situation I have programmed custom trunk to route all long distance calls to an internal extension using the local/@ string, however the display on the destination extension shows the dialed extension only and what I’m trying to make display is the dialed extension along with the trunk CID or a description like “long distance attempt” to distinguish between a normal call and a long distance attempt, now it only allows for one of the two either the extension CID or the trunk CID is there any way to do display both or insert a description when this trunk is used?