Custom Sound Language as default?


Previously I have always manually created the following folder at /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/nz

Within this folder I have placed my own IVR recordings (near on a complete set of the Asterisk base recordings), then I have used the advanced setting to set the language to nz.

However this is change in 13, I have tried to create a custom language of nz, and place my files within that folder, however it doesn’t appear possible to set the Default Language to a custom Language

My workaround is to create customer language above, then i have added language=nz to both:


This appears to have resolved it, but is there a smarter way to do this?

On another note, my files are based on the core and extra asterisk files. Is there a maintained list of files required for FreePBX Modules?


This is all handled in the sound prompts module now and we support 10 or more langauges now along with you setting up your own custom language.

Hi Tony

Should I be able to set the default language to a custom language? That appears to be the issue I am having. i am able to create a custom language; but I can not set it to the default language.

Custom Language:

Global Language Options

System Recording

Also, still interested if you guys have a complete list of module recordings.


Yes you should be able to. If you can’t open a bug report at Complete list of recordings are in our

Also why not use the recordings we have for AU?

Thanks Tony - Will do.

New Zealand sounds quite different to Australia - hence its not suitable.

This issue was resolved - - Thanks for your assistance.

@tonyclewis on another note, we are just working through having the Digium (asterisk core) sound prompts and the FreePBX sound prompts (as per recorded.

We have recorded everything as per the requirements of digium, and will work on submitting the audio files to them. What is the process for submitting the FreePBX Prompts - I assume the same format as required by digium is suitable (".wav" 48kHz 16-bit signed linear).


Correct same format is fine

Thanks Tony. What is the process to submit to you guys?

Email Leo (at) sangoma (dot) com


We have had all the Asterisk Core Prompts 1.5 recorded, along with the required FreePBX Prompts (

Upon testing we discovered pretty quickly we are missing:

  • ent-target-attendant.alaw (required by *72)
  • then-press-pound.alaw (required by *72)
  • please-enter-your (required by *74)

I’m not sure if I have missed something, but my reading was Asterisk Core Prompts 1.5, and the FreePBX Prompts, and everything is covered.


@qwell did we miss some prompts in our list?

@unison feel free to open a bug report on this and include the files that are missing and we can add them for you and update the wiki. I assume these are FreePBX prompts not Asterisk prompts?

It looks like the callforward module was missed. These prompts are still in the extra-sounds package.

Hi Tony. Can you advise how I would know if they are FreePBX vs Asterisk prompts? I guess my concern currently is I wonder what else is potentially missing. is there any trick to get Asterisk to report an error/warning if it can not locate the sound file in the default directory (ie if it is unable to locate the audio file in en_NZ, and uses the audio from en, write an error message to the log?)


Seems these are in extra packages from Digium. They were suppose to move the ones we used to core but these might of been missed.

Jason how do we get this fixed with Digium and all the prompts they provide.

Looks to be more than just the call forward module. I have just quickly run the the feature codes - i have simply dialed the feature code, and have listened to the top level audio that is played. My concern is without testing everything in detail there are likely to be other prompts missing.


  • then-press-pound
  • if-correct-press

Call Forward

  • ent-target-attendant
  • then-press-pound
  • please-enter-your


  • ha/phone
  • is-curntly-unavail

Info Services

  • press-1
  • and


then-press-pound can be replaced in code with vm-press-pound
ha/phone can probably just be removed in code. “Phone 555-1212 is currently unavailable” is a bit strange anyways.
is-curntly-unavail can be replaced in code with vm-isunavail
press-1 can be replaced in code with press&digits/1
and can be replaced in code with vm-and

if-correct-press already exists in core-sounds. Do you have version 1.5 of the prompts installed (in the soundlang module, you can click the language name to get more details)?

Please create an issue over at and post the link here. We should continue the discussion over there. It’ll also make sure those code changes I mentioned above get made.


We have recorded our own prompts for New Zealand (working with Digium to submit them, and have emailed Joe for the FreePBX prompts - although we haven’t heard anything back on that front.

if-correct-press is a typo on my part - sorry


Is Joe someone you know or us?

Sorry, Joe was actually Leo… However this is probably because you guys require digium to have the files published first.


Thanks - I have created an issue -