Custom ringtone for Yealink T58A without EPM

I’m using some Yealink T58A video phones with video door phones. My customers want a distinctive ring when someone presses the call button on the door phone. The Yealink interface allows for custom ringtones to be uploaded but it doesn’t have the “Ringer Text” like some of the older Yealink phones have. That seems to be what is specified in FreePBX when telling it what to send to the phone as the ringtone of choice.

Anyone have any idea how to configure the Yealink and FreePBX (without EPM) to get this working?

You’re looking in the wrong place. That’s the ring tone for incoming calls to that phone. You want to send the call through a custom (or different) context that sets the “alert info” for the phone so the phone that rings will give you a custom squawk.

Not sure I understand. The door phone is a Grandstream GDS3710. The GDS3710 is calling the Yealink T58A when someone walks up to it and pushes its doorbell button. I’m using a ring group so that I can specify a custom ringtone (FreePBX Alert) on the Yealink.

Am I doing it incorrectly?

You can export the local cfg file on the configuration page, that should give you a working template to add.

And on the ring page replace the text as appropriate

Distinctive Ring Tones: It allows you to apply a distinctive ring tone to a type of call.
The IP phone inspects the INVITE request for an 'Alert-Info' header when receiving an incoming call.
If the INVITE request contains an 'Alert-Info' header, the IP phone strips out the URL or keyword parameter and maps it to the appropriate ring tone.

You probably left out a couple of steps.

You need to set up your phone to respond to the alert info that the system will be sending. You can double check what’s happening by reviewing the /var/log/asterisk/full log and making sure the alert info is getting sent to the phone and that the phone is reacting correctly.

Figured it out! I found the administrators guide for the T58A phones. I had to put “ringtone-” in front of the name of the wav filename.

Thanks for the help @dicko and @cynjut. Your suggestions shook some things loose and got me past my roadblock.

Here is the phone configuration:

And here is the FreePBX entry:


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