Custom Ring Group strategy?


is it possible to set a custom ring group stategy?

I need a setup like this:
When there is an inbound call, extension 700 + 701 shall ring at the same time, after 20 seconds extension 702 should also ring, and after another 20 seconds there should ring the extension 703 in addition.

Is this somehow possible in FreePBX?

memory hunt does almost exactly what you want except that it would first ring 700, then 700+701, then 700+701+702, then 700+701+702+703. you might set the ring time to 15 seconds and see if this meets your needs.

Another option is multiple ring groups.

Group 1 = 700,701. Fails to group 2 after 20 seconds
Group 2 = 700,701,702 fails to group 3 after 20 seconds
Group 3 = 700,701,702,703 fails to PA with announcement “OMG someone pick up the freaking phone!”

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Hello Jordack,

that’s a great idea!
Thank you very very much!

Hello again,

there is only one problem with this.
Because there is a little break in the ringing between Group1 & Group2 and Group3, the phones on extension 700 and 701 displays 3 missed calls.
Are there any other possibilities?