Custom recording filename and recordings playback from CDR report

I needed to change recordings filenames from default format to asteriskID.wav

For that I have changed one line from extensions_additional.conf

exten => recordcheck,n,Set(__CALLFILENAME=${ARG2}-${ARG3}-${FROMEXTEN}-${TIMESTR}-${UNIQUEID})

exten => recordcheck,n,Set(__CALLFILENAME=${UNIQUEID})

Of course, since that time the call recordings are not available for playback in CDR reports.

Is there a way to fix it?

No because it parses the callfile as a date string format to be able to find it in the monitor directory. You’ve removed the ability for it to be able to find the file.

You can ln the file in the post record script with almost no penalty.

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The files are still saved in the directories according to the date /monitor/YYYY/MM/DD
But the filename lacks ${ARG2}-${ARG3}-${FROMEXTEN}-${TIMESTR}

yes. It parses the string apart. EG “${ARG2}-${ARG3}-${FROMEXTEN}-${TIMESTR}”. Doesnt matter where it’s placed. When you look at it from The CDR/UCP all it has is “${ARG2}-${ARG3}-${FROMEXTEN}-${TIMESTR}”. It doesnt know anything else.