Custom Outcomes

Was wondering if there is anytime of module or application that allows users to input custom outcomes per call such as: Answered, No Answer, Scheduled, Rescheduled, Cancelled, etc. These would be put in after a call is completed. We would also need to be able to run a report on this.

Please and thank you!

You could create a custom feature code(s) to log what you want to log:

Feature Codes Admin User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Defining custom feature codes - FreePBX - FreePBX Community Forums

You’ll need to develop the script to log and the reporting.

If these are queue calls you may be able to create different pause codes and count those as well. I don’t see one be advantageous over the other.

Another option, depending on the phone you have, would be to create buttons on the phone that log when pressed/activated (like an API URL or something)

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That would need to be done after hangup, here is a link to a hangup hook concept from @lgaetz

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I appreciate the feedback, i’ll look into them. Thank you!

How do the users input these states? Will there be an IVR the user can enter DTMF for? Will this be agents entering these states, if so how?

If you want these options added to the CDRs you need to add them as CDR values. This will require you to modify the CDR table to accept new values or use something like the existing userfield entry (which stores DTMF digits pressed by user by default). Then you will need custom dialplan to add the CDR() value to the CDRs.

If you’re not planning to store this information in the CDRs, where is it getting stored?

Can you provide more context to this? Put in how after the call, the call would be over. Do you mean that the agent will send the user to a post call (done talking) destination for the user to respond to options? There are multiple ways to interrupt ‘after call is completed’ from the two parties being done to the call being hungup.

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