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I have been reading about how to place a custom message while MOH song plays. So far I have been able to find an article which explained you have to load short music files and custom message file(s), then place the file names in the order you want the MOH and custom messages should play.

What I would like to know is if I have a full length song, how can I place a custom message to play during the song to remind customers they are still on hold?


  • Play it before hitting the queue.

  • You could splice the custom message in with some audio-editing software.

  • You could break the song down into X second samples, then put your messages in between.

  • Use the IVR breakout in queues to play a custom message and return.

I use most of the methods that Comtech mentioned. I took some songs and then opened it up in an audio editor (you can also use iTunes to do this as well - and spliced in a recording of a custom message every 1:30. Then the songs are part of a hold music playlist that randomly loads. I used Final Cut Pro to do this so I could actually fade into the message and have the song continuing to play underneath it lightly and it came out VERY professional. I was very strict with my messages that they stayed under at 25 seconds each and came up every 1:30 in a song (so 2-3 per song).

I tried to do it without all this extra effort as you had asked and just had bad results with it, it ended up being very disconnected and didn’t sound professional - but that’s just to my own picky ear.

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