Custom meetme code before a single meetme configuration

I have a client that has issues with their phones not disconnecting properly and leaving themselves logged in to a meetme line, sometimes for days, after their conf calls. This isn’t really a big deal, but one of them pays for bandwidth by the GB and a few days of ulaw traffic with no purpose can add up quickly.

So I want to take my [ext-meetme] context and add an absolute timeout to the calls of three hours. But only to that meetme. The meetme is accessed via an IVR.

How can I add this one line to the middle of my [ext-meetme] context, without it being overwritten with the next FreePBX reload?

exten => 300,n,NoOp(Setting TIMEOUT to 3600)

I’m scratching my head over this one, since I don’t see how ext-meetme-custom can be used, nor ivr-X-custom, for that matter, since the Goto in the IVR is going straight to (ext-meetme, 300, 1), so I can’t use the 300,1 extension, since it’s defined in ext-meetme.

Any thoughts would be helpful.