Custom IVR invalid handler

Hi guys!

  • I have FreePbx running on
  • A custom java ivr agi running at using extension 1000 (I used this tutorial as a base)
  • A zoiper running inside, using extension 1001

At this pont:
Making and receive calls with the outside world using extension 1001: works fine.
Calling from extension 1001 to java ivr agi at extension 1000: works fine.

My next strategy was to set Incoming Route to FreePbx IVR module. I configured it to be silent and always time out, so it redirects the call to my custom java ivr agi.

Below is my configuration:

–Inbound routers menu–

DID Number: ANY
CallerID Number: ANY
Inbound routes:

–ivr_dummy menu—

IVR name: ivr-dummy
Timeout: 1
Timeout retries 0
Timeout recording: None
Anouncement: silencefile.alaw
Invalid destination: Custom destinations from-did-direct,1000,1
Timeout destination: Custom destinations from-did-direct,1000,1

–Custom destinations menu–



exten => 1000,1, Agi(agi://

The call is established and FreePbx IVR picks it up. But when it times out, instead of routing me to the java ivr agi, it throws this error:

[2020-07-11 16:18:24] WARNING[4548][C-0000000a]: pbx.c:4501 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/sipoutgoing-00000009’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=from-did-direct,1000,1

Full log at:

What could be wrong?

I already checked other threads but could not find something for my case.

Change dest go-to string to from-internal,1000,1

Worked like a charm! Thank you very much!

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