Custom install for cloud, but won't boot

Good afternoon. Recently, we ran the FPBX15 installer on a new local/virtual disk image in preparation to upload it to Azure.

As you enter setup, you have some advanced options that allow you to (as it is described) make everything a single partition so it’s a friendly install for cloud use. I did that, and it works almost all the way through the installer then seems to reset, but then not boot. I assumed this was the absence of a boot-loader (knowing the cloud platform didn’t need it), so I uploaded the disk image anyway.

Sure enough, it boots, but gets to a point where it complains about a missing swap space:
Starting Dracut Emergency Shell…
Warning: /dev/SangomaVG/root does not exist
Warning: /dev/SangomaVG/swaplvl does not exist
Warning: /dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root does not exist.

I’m now thinking this is being caused by the installer failing to finish, but considering it’s not bootable even locally during the install, I’m not quite sure what do to. Once it reaches the point that it resets towards the end of the installer, it can’t be booted again from the HD.

If I build it as a regular/default install, it works fine for local use, but not for Azure use.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why the installer is dying mid-way?

doesnt appear you set up the single partition correctly , its still looking for lvm

did you update fstab and grub ?

i dont know azure in this respect but went through something similar using linode. their doc may shed some light; check out the sections related to fstab and grub here

MS may have a similar doc

There wasn’t anything to set up. It was an auto-install option that consumed everything against a single partition “for cloud installs”.

So, for anyone interested, the installer’s selection for a cloud install (the bottom two) were crashing towards the end, not completing the install. That was the problem.

The work-around (until the installer gets fixed), is to do an advanced regular install and set up the partitions the way you need them, it works great, after following the tweaks here:


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