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I am trying to upload custom firmware for my Yealink T48S phones. I have uploaded the firmware and it is listed under “Custom Firmware Management” however when I then go to the Yealink device brand and enter 0.00 in either of the slots it does not show the custom firmware for selection. Is this a known bug?

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EPM Custom Firmware Management does work, but it does require following the steps to the letter. We have successfully used EPM Custom Firmware in both FreePBX 14 & 16 for several years.

Here are the current (12/11/2023) links for the documentation:
EPM Admin User Guide - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (
EPM-Custom Firmware Management - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

When uploading custom firmware, you must specify Phone Brand, the Phone Model number accurately, and the f/w version for that model. What you enter in these fields is what gets displayed on the later window when assigning Available Firmware 0.00 to a slot. After the upload, you should be able to see your freshly uploaded firmware on the EPM Custom Firmware Management page. Special note - You can only have 1 custom firmware version for each entry for a Phone Brand/Phone Model. When uploading a different custom firmware version for a Phone Brand/Phone Model that already has a previous custom firmware setup, be sure to delete the unnecessary Phone Brand/Phone Model/Phone FW Version.

The first time you assign custom firmware 0.00 to a slot, you must click “Submit” before the Model # and f/w version # are displayed below the chosen slot.

I hope that this helps you get things sorted. If you are still having issues post back.

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