Custom firmware doesn't show in Endpoint Manager

I want to add a custom firmware version in Endpoint Manager. I’ve placed it in tftpboot\polycom\2 but it doesn’t show up. It showed up in my FreePBX 12, but not in 14. Am I missing a step?
My custom firmware is set up using the exact setup I had in FreepBX 12; the version file is in the folder.

I’ve looked at this guide, but it doesn’t give too much information about this.

So, my version file says it is version 1.4; shouldn’t that show up as 1.4? There are 0.0 and 0.1 there, which are the defaults which display “upload your custom firmware”. In FreePBX 12, it says 1.4 like it ought to.

Trying to follow the thread here, I dragged 0.0 into slot 2, hit submit query, then copied the firmware files into that slot folder, and didn’t touch the version file. Still, FirmWare Manager doesn’t show the version number, nor any of the firmwares in that slot. Am I supposed to just trust that it’s there? There’s no indication that anything changed.

The files were all rsynced from my old freepbx 12 machine, and have permissions like this:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 asterisk asterisk
I’m not sure if that is correct, but I know it worked on the other system.

As stated in the Wiki you linked here, (

SSH to your PBX and navigate to /tftpboot/brand/slot and put your firmware in place.

Replace /brand with the brand of your phone such as sangoma and replace /slot with 1 or 2 for slot 1 or slot 2.

So you need to place it in:


That’s where I put it. I wrote it wrong in my post; I’ve updated my post. It is just the number 2, there is not “slot” in the folder name.

Samot in the IRC helped me with this.

My main problem is that in FreePBX 12, when you uploaded custom firmware, it would display the version number for your custom firmware. You could move that firmware version into the list of available firmwares and back again.
FreePBX 14 does not do this. It does not display the version number, and if you move your 0.00 out of the slot and choose another, then all the files in the tftpboot/brand/slot folder get deleted and the custom firmware is lost from the system.

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