Custom Feature - Feature status of extensions

This is in reference to:

I have done a copy/paste of the code listed on this page to my extensions_custom.conf, followed by an Asterisk restart (also tried full reboot), but when I enter either *108 or *109<ext #> the system responds with “Sorry that feature is not available on this line.” I have checked to see that this file is “included” and it is so I believe it’s being loaded, but I do not understand why I’m getting the “feature not available” error.

I guess my first question is whether the fact I’m running Trixbox CE Ver. 2.8.0, which uses Asterisk Ver. might be the issue. I may be wrong but I thought that FreePBX is used by Trixbox to manage the PBX settings.

I apologize if I’m barking up the wrong tree but given that the code came from FreePBX this would be a good place to start for troubleshooting clues.

Also I am new to working with Asterisk on this level so please be tolerant…

Thanks in advance,
Ah Clem

Don’t know how I missed it (newbie mistake) but extensions_custom.conf WASN’T being included… Fixed that and now I am receiving a busy signal and a “404 Not found” error when I try *108, so something is still wrong…

I notice that functions like (cwenabled) are not part of the code, are they part of the available functions or do I have to load those as well, if so where do I get them?