Custom Extensions Dial Paging Group

In our school district we are using a Bogen PA system. Our installers have helped us set it up so if you dial a certain extension on our PBX it will connect to the PA system and give us the ability to enter a DTMF code to page different zones/buildings.

After some Google searches, I was able to figure out how to set up a custom extension so that when our high school dials their “intercom” extension, it dials the PA system extension, waits, and enters the high school dtmf code for paging.

That all works great, but now I’m trying to figure out how I can implement our paging groups into the mix so when they dial their intercom extension it not only dials into the PA system, but also dials the paging group for the building. I feel like I’m about 85% there but having some issues getting the syntax correct. Any help would be appreciated!

Can you add the custom extension to the existing page group(s)?

Yeah that’s the first thing I tried after creating the custom extension. I would guess from my limited knowledge of the inner workings of FreePBX/Asterisk that the paging group dials *80 on all the phones in that group to intercom into them.

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