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I am sure I am missing something silly here but how do I make a call to an extension that is defined in extensions_custom.conf?

In my extensions_custom.conf file I have

exten => 8802,1,Dial(local/8290@from-internal,30,D(ww#10))

Basically I want to be able to dial 8802 and have it turn around and dial 8290, which directs to an ATA hooked to a PA system that uses #10 for a page code
However when I call it I get the number unavailable reply.

That looks correct. Assuming you’re loading the dialplan after each edit, then next debug step is to look at the Asterisk console during a call attempt and see what it is happening.

Other than the obvious “Apply Config” I have also done an asterisk restart from CLI

Here is the pastebin
It looks like its sending it out the outbound route because there is no matching endpoint. Do I need to actually make an 8802 extension even thought its not registered to anything?

Call proceeds as if there was no content in extensions_custom.conf. Not sure what’s going on, how are you editing the file, is it possible permissions have changed? Any errors on console when you do a dialplan reload?

Editing via the GUI, Admin → Config Edit → extensions_custom.conf

Dial Plan reload succeeds with no issue.

Permissions →
[root@Freepbx asterisk]# ls -h -l extensions_custom.conf
-rw-rw-r–. 1 asterisk asterisk 92 Jul 10 12:26 extensions_custom.conf

From the CLI, examine

dialplan show 8802@
dialplan show 8802@from-internal
dialplan show @from-internal-custom


I think I figured it out.
I had some other text in there that I was using to comment with (which I have had in the past) but this version of asterisk probably didn’t like it.
Removed the text and now 8802 dials 8290 no problem. I still get the " the number you have dialed is not in service, but I think that is because the ATA does not show as connected on the FXO port so it is probably not going to complete the call.
I have to figure that part out. That’s a different issue.

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