Custom Extension question

Hello, I am trying to setup a custom extension for paging to my systems sound card. Clicking the Admin drop down and Custom Extension however no where under that does it say custom dial string. Where would I go to change this to console/dsp.


Try Applications/extensions and make it there

Do I enter the dial string console/dsp in the area called dial under the custom ext. settings?


Before you go further, make sure that /dev/dsp exists and chan_console is compiled into your asterisk and configured correctly with alsa or oss as approprite to your deployment.

I am a beginner at this. If the /dev/dsp does not exist how should I proceed?

You will need to setup your sound system oss or alsa or whatever to recognize your hardware

Do you know of any good tutorials that will point me in the correct direction? Trying to save my company a lot of money with freepbx this just might be a deal breaker if I cant get this working. Thanks for your time.

This is not a FreePBX or even an Asterisk issue. It’s Linux sound drivers.

You should be able to find articles on setting up Linux sound. Keep in mind CentOS is a Redhat distribuition so be careful of any Debian/Suse info you may find.

One other thing to consider. While this will work an external SIP paging adapter is much better. If the company is saving “a lot of money”, your words, then what is the big deal about a $200 paging adapter?

Thank you for the information. Which brand and type adapter do you use?


If you are using the Schmooze distro you are probably SOOL as is does not include chan_console, maybe go to PAIF and start over there, I remember connecting an ipod as MOH on their version some while ago.

You may want to check again…

I know chan_console is part of the latest distro any 3.211 rpms will have it. (Even the 2.10 rpms have it).

Checked again, not there in


based on

PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack:

Can’t speak for the beta distributions.

I use the Valcom SIP gateway with four zones. The SNOM are about the least expensive SIP paging adapters SNOMPA1, they are $120.00 shipped on eBay and Amazon.

They have the right impedance outputs so it won’t sound like crap when you hook the high impedance sound card to your low impedance paging amplifier.

Looks like you need version 1.817 and above. You have 1.89.

Maybe my math is a little rusty but is not 1.89 greater than 1.817?

Not in the FreePBX world :slight_smile:

You could write… 1.8.9 and 1.8.17 for everyone else.