Custom Extension FPBX16

Hi Everyone,

Currently our company PBX is working on FPBX15, it Works like a charm! Happy with the solution.

For our Church i am building a new instance on FPBX16.

In our company i use a custom extension with the same number as a ringgroup in a Queue. in this way i can combine a few extensions throughout ous company to act as 1 ready agent in the Queue (mostly there is one person availeble to take any incoming calls).

Now, i want to do the same thing in my new instance.

  • Ringroup 200 has a few extensions (office, kitchen area, Cordless phone)
  • Queue 2000 for incoming calls has to use queue 200 as one extension.

But the following problem appears; i can’t add an custom extension when the number 200 is already in use. ths works in FPBX 15.

Is ther an other way? can i add this somewhere in a file?

Thank you for helping me in advance.

Two internal dialable resources can’t share the same feature code. I dispute your claim that it works in 15.

In this case, there is no need for the custom extension number and the ring group number to match. Create your custom extension with another arbitrary number and use that number to add to the queue.

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Hi Lorne,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Perhaps you can take a look at this thread. I want to replicate this.

The linked thread does not say to create a ring group and custom extension using the same dial string.

Okay, i interpreted that i think. ik works on my other PBX. can you tell me what you mean in the linked thread?

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