Custom Extension for Recording

Hi there,

I want to use customer dilaplan for recording, as i want to change file name with my specific need. What i am doing i have created [macro-record-enable-custom] context in extesions_custom.conf but it not reading that context, it is keep reading it’s own recording dial plan.
How do I force to use custom dialplan for recording? is there any way to do it?

Please help in to find solution.

Thanks in advance.

Sohaib Khan

Anyone there, who can help me in this regard?

I use this method:


;Local 8 digits
exten => _[2-5]XXXXXXX,1,Progress()
same => n,Set(CALLFILENAME=${CALLERID(num)}.${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)}.${UNIQUEID})
same => n(check),Set(__MON_FMT=${IF($["${MIXMON_FORMAT}"=“wav49”]?WAV:${MIXMON_FORMAT})})
same => n,Set(CDR(recordingfile)=${CALLFILENAME}.${MON_FMT})
same => n,Dial(Dahdi/1/${EXTEN},60,tr)
same => n,Hangup()

hi jerson,
this mean i need to change the dfault context of all Extensions in freepbx from “from-internal” to "from-internal-custom"