Custom Dial Plan Stop Record With Any Key

Hi All,

I have built a custom IVR and am utilizing the record parameter and all is fine save for i have been reading up and this is how it works.
Record: plays a beep and begins recording audio until you press the hash key (#).

Now i would like the recording to stop with the pressing of any key instead of only press the # key.
My Record Parameter in the dial…

exten => s,n(recordonly),Record

Any advise will be appreciated.

call record with -y option, it’s all in the built in help system

core show application record

you should try it sometime :wink:

Thanks Dicko,

Kindly share an quick example of the dial plan, will be glad

Sorry, but I would prefer that you do that yourself, If I do it for you you learn nothing and I waste more of my time. If you do it, well everybody benefits . . .