Custom Destinations

Hi there. I’m trying to setup/edit new and existing custom distinations. In the old version of Asterisks you could edit existing destinations and see what was set up for example… the digital receptionist would say for sales press 1 for accounting press 2… well in free PBX i can’t seem to locate where to edit that at… Can someone plase let me know.

Thanks alot guys… you’ve been a great help. Just as an FYI… this version of Lenny is not ubuntu. I know Ubuntu is built around Lenny but, this version has no GUI interface. its all CLI… the employee that built this machine did not like GUI so refused to set it up with anykind of xwindows. We did go from AMP to FreePBX so what this version is does not surprise me. I’m thinking seriously about rebuilding the system… Again Thank you Bill…

You’re right about amp. I’ve got an old system using amp. Has only 4 phones on it and have never gotten around to upgrading it to the latest FreePBX. (If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!).

Don sent me a screen shot of his system, what is puzzling is that it has the FreePBX logo complete with Tango the Frog!

Under the tools tab, there is no module admin. There’s no IVR admin, etc. In short looks like he’s got a mess to deal with.

Based on the screen shots and particular the fact that it’s running on Ubuntu, I’d have to say that you’re running a non-standard install of asterisk/FreePBx.

“Standard” distro of Astrisk/FreePBx are built around Centos.

The 1.1 version is suspicious. And, finally, there is no module admin capability. Whoever installed this customized it for some reason. It might have been done to discourage unauthorized personnel from making modifications…or for job security.

The changes that were made are relatively easy to do, but because you don’t know exactly what was done, might be difficult to undo.

wasn’t 1.10.010 the last AMP version (before it changed names) ?

Ok thank you bill. According to my menus i have to use the custom destinations on the tools tab to see all my recordings. but for the life of me i cant’ seem to find the ability to edit what extentions i want the user to choose. as in instead of curretly when pressing 1 you go to accounting yo would press 1 to go to sales… by the way i’m using FreePBX 1.10.010 and it was a former co-worker that built the system…

Freepbx 1.1???

That would have to be really old. Are you sure that’s the version number???
I don’t even remember a 1.1 version. I’ve been using FreePBX from the start.

Its 1.10. at least thats what it says under the FreePBX logo. I have a screen shot but i cant’ seem to upload it here.

email me the screen shot at billf (.at.)


Its sent. Thanks…


What you describe is an IVR or Automated Attendant. It’s on the FreePBX gui on the left side of the screen labeled IVR.

Am i missing something here Bill/W5WAF