Custom Destination

Ok. I have to be missing something here!

I am running FreePBX I am trying to add a custom destination. I edited /etc/asterisk/extenstions_custom.conf and added a new “[item]”…

Now I need it to show up in FreePBX… So, I assumed that I needed to add it as a Custom Destination… However, when doing this, the option for “Destination Quick Pick” is blank… So I can’t add a custom destination without a custom destination???

What am I missing here?

Thank you!

Well you are missing a bit.

You created a context call item, you are in the right module. If you just want to go to an extension or the S extension use the field above the quick pick for the goto statement.

If you want want your extension to be part of the dial plan then you don’t want to create a new context simply code your extension under the existing context from-internal-custom and it will be part of the from-internal dial plan.

Does this make sense?

Yes it does and I figured it out :slight_smile: Thank you!