Custom Destination doesnt work with Time Condition

Hello, I configured a custom destination where the last 3 Digits of the DID are matched to the extension number, so all incoming calls are routed to the correct extension directly. This works just fine, if i set the inbound route destination to custom destination.

When i set the inbound route to a Time Condition destination and select my custom destination in there, it just hangs up. I tried using a direct extension as a destination in my time condition and this worked just fine…

So my Time Condition is configured properly, aswell as my Custom Destination. But when i combine both its not working anymore.

Can anyone help me with this?
Also this is my first post here and im new to FreePBX so if anything is stated unclear please forgive me.

Found it out myself. For my custom Destination i was using EXTEN as my extention variable.
The TimeCondition used this EXTEN and assigned it a static 3. So everytime the TimeCondition was done my costum destination tried dialing Extension 3 which didnt exist.

I used another variable instead of EXTEN now in my costum destination and everything works as it should

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