Custom DAHDI parameters per group/channel?

I’m just installed AsteriskNOW (2 days ago). I’m using FreePBX

I’d like to usecallerid=no for one just one channel (I have 4 from a 4 port digium analog PCI-e card) and have usecallerid=yes on the other 3 channels.

I am able to do this by hand editing chan_dahdi_groups.conf - but that file gets overwritten by FreePBX.

There are no included _custom.conf files that would appear after the groups.conf include. It looks like the dahdi_conf.conf needs a chan_dahdi_groups_custom.conf include after the groups.conf but one does not appear in my distro.

Any help would be appreciated in achieving my goal of having just one channel not use caller-id and have this config persist across FreePBX config rewrites.