Custom Contexts Outbound routing

I’m using FreePBX and Custom Context 2.8.0rc1.1

I have 50 extension that dial out my main E1 Trunk and have 2 users that need to dial out of individual SIP trunks.

I’ve a setup custom context for the main line extensions and the a unique custom context for each of the 5 extensions using the sip trunks.

I have then got 3 outbound dial routes - each with the same dial pattern 9|.

in the custom context I’ve then deny’d access to "all outbound routes"
then only selected allow for a unique dial route for each custom context

This should then only allow an extension to only dial out the route assigned to the specific custom context.

I have my route in the folowing order sip1, sip2 and then mail line

When my main line or sip2 dial 9 to make an outbound call they are routed via sip1

Have I missed something, it appears that the custom contexts are not being applied