Custom Context module


Situation: I need to link all the calls which matched certain Outbound rules to certain trunk. In fact I had two identical Outbound rules, with are exactly the same rules but which are directed to different trunks(Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes field was set accordingly). But in fact, it wasn’t working as expected since as the number dialed, matched the Outbound route - it was using the trunk which was exactly in this rule, and was skipping other rules(where a correct trunk was set). Obviously that didn’t work for me.
Solution: I googled and found the module called Custom Context 2.8.0rc1.1 which might solve my problem:
I have tried and it worked for me just partially. What I did:I have created two Custom Extensions, select Allow All for each of them, then at the bottom I have denied the Outbound routes I wished to skip in this Custom Context. Then I got to extensions, selected appropriate Custom Context, saved, applied config and found out that it doesn’t work again. Some Extension does NOT skip the Outbound Routes it was denied to.
What I changed to make it work: I was forced to change the priorities of the Outbound routes. So despite they were denied, and until they had higher priorities the routes were used. Once I reduce the priority of unwanted routes, everything started working as I expected.

1)Is it a bug, a feature or improper configuration somewhere in FreePBX admin, when Denied Outbound Routes are used to be matched against when someone dials the number from Extensions where this custom context(in which said above outbound routes were denied) was assigned?
2)Is the Outbound routes Priorities are considered through out all created Custom Contexts or are they considered just within just one Custom Contexts?
3)It would be nice to deny not outbound routes(since I am forced to create two identical outbounds routes with all the same routes with different trunks only to make possible to deny them in Custom Context), but exactly trunks for certain extensions?Probably I am using a wrong module?

Sorry for long story. I tried to make it more descriptive and clear.

Error fix in the text:
in place of "What I did:I have created two Custom Extensions, " it should stated Custom CONTEXTs of course.
until they had higher priorities: I do know that the less number in priority set, the higher priority is.