Custom Context Module

I’ve installed the custom context module. While I have it working, I’d like to be able to have each users’ context append a tech prefix to the call when leaving the system. It can be the extension number, or whatever number I need. Can someone give me some ideas on how to accomplish that? I’ve tried a few things in the “dial rules” section, but no luck. Any help is appreciated.


Logically you cannot append a prefix, you would need to prepend it :slight_smile:

The outbound CID will be managed by either the extension or the outbound route you select, Will your VSP honor such proposed mangling?

I’m not quite sure I follow you. I am trying to manipulate dialed digits, not change CID.


You really haven’t explained what you are trying to do. I don’t know what a “tech prefix” is so I doubt anyone else will.

Also where are you routing these calls and what is the purpose of the added digits? Under what selection criteria do you want to add these digits (such as by user, groups of users, locations etc.)

My apologies. I am experimenting with a billing platform. Each account is matched by a tech prefix (ie 1234#5555555555 matches account number 1234, 1234# is stripped and sent to the carrier). So, when calls leave the PBX, I need to have the dialed number prefixed with a number (tech prefix). The easiest way to keep track of things is just prefix the number with the extension number. I have experimented with the outbound route module, but I can see how creating lots of outbound routes might cause the module to become unstable. Short of manually coding a bunch of custom contexts, I figured I would use the custom context module. Any ideas?


No, the custom context module s not really needed for this.

I have seen systems with over 1000 outbound routes so that’s not an issue either. The dialplan is only generated once, it’s not like the table is read on every call from MySQL.

What I would do is write a simple dialplan extension that collects the techs digits and stuffs it into the billing code field. That way you can easily report on it from the CDR’s and the CDR’s are readable.

Many cool ways to do this, could build a table with the tech’s cell phone number, or you could request the tech number prior to passing call to outbound routes.

You could also do it with an in call DTMF code. This would be useful if calls become billable during the call.

All of these methods would work with DISA so off site techs could access.