Custom context help

Hi i’ve just installed custom context 0.3.4 to my elastix 1.6 frebbx
now in tools i have Custom Context Admin, Custom Destinations and Custom Extensions,
when i go to Admin i create a context but i dont see any properties section on it like the other 3 default context have.
In the edit context page i dont get the whole screen, like duplicate, internal dialplan, etc, i tried v3.3 aand 3.4

Please give me directions how to configure,
I need to restrict some extensions just to local extensions calls.

thanks a lot

problem was, i was using custom context in the tools tab, not in the admin tab,
also in freepbx 2.5 is in the third party addon section.

Now i can create extensions, i can block outbound routes, but i dont find the option to allow just local extensions calls, how I do that?
thanks for your help

it was the ext-local