Custom Context Alternative

I am due to start a huge upgrade project upgrading a multi server PBX to the latest version but we are hoping to keep the same functionality.

The existing setup utilizes the custom contexts module to restrict certain extensions from dialing certain numbers as well as certain feature codes. This is mainly stopping communal extensions setting call forwards and so on. This all works great and has done for many years

However I am trying to see if the most current version of FPBX can do this out of the box without having to add on an ancient module.

I see reference to QOS and Extension Routing as commercial modules and on looking at them they seem to only restrict trunks, so only covering half of the restriction requirements that we are after.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to restrict feature codes on a per extension basis as per the custom module plugin without having to install this particular module (I don’t think you can even download it anymore)

Still works fine for me.

Perfect, thank you.

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