Custom Conference Hint

I am wanting to create a single custom hint for monitoring if any of three conference bridges are in use.

The bridges are 51001, 51002, 51003.

If any one of the three bridges are in use the blf would light up.

Additionally It would be ideal if when I press the blf on the sangoma phone, it would connect to a custom context [mb-bridge-check] (where the user can select the conference bridge to join).

Can this be done in one hint/blf? And can you help get me pointed in the right direction? I haven’t had to make custom hints yet.

It looks like FreePBX already creates BLFs for each conference bridge. What is the behavior when you use a BLF now?

They work as expected, lights up when that conference is in use, and when pressed goes to the conference.

But what I am looking for is one hint to monitor all the listed conferences (one hint that lights up when any one or more of the bridges are in use) and when the blf is pressed it goes to a custom context.

So the conference hints are


How do I make a single hint to watch all three?

exten => 51000,hint,51001@ext-meetme&51002@ext-meetme&51003@ext-meetme

Then if it’s pressed it would dial 51000, which I can attach my custom context to?

Does that sound right?

Almost. You can see the structure of the hints from the asterisk console with core show hint xxx, there you will see hints for conf rooms.

exten => 51000,hint,confbridge:51001&confbridge:51002&confbridge:51003
exten => 51000,1,Goto(from-internal,xxxx,1)

For the Goto line, In the GUI create a Misc. Application with an arbitrary dial string to whatever fpbx destination you want, and sub those digits in place of the X’s

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