Csv import, a couple questions

Firstly, is there a way to import CSV, to add-to whats there? Or does the import wipe out everything existing?

Secondly, the export includes column names, must these remain in an import or should that first line be removed, my way of thinking is if this is going into a RDB my mysql/mariadb, then it should be deleted, or does bulk handler take care of this.

Just now getting ready to add over a thousand extensions (thank Larry for perl in making that part easy :wink: )

Try again, because you gave no one any actual question to answer.

I suspect I know what oyu are asking, but why don’t you actually provide detail?

Yes, it’s additive, insofar as you don’t try to double up on keys. If you add an entry with the same key, it will just update the existing record.

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Cheers Dave, its as I thought, tested and all good.

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